ABOUT Justine

Justine Clark is a clinical psychologist with three babies; two teenage boys and a 90th anniversary edition Maserati Spyder convertible. She has a passion for scuba diving and scuba dresses. With respect to the former, she is a lover of nudibranchs and warm water. Her best natural adventures have been swimming with humpback whales in Tonga and lots of sharks in the Coral Sea. Diving Swansea Bridge with glistening schools of circling mullet is her most favourite place in the world. Second is a bath with a good book.

Her 3 main strengths on personality assessments are innovation, team work and a love of learning. She considers these ideal qualities for working in the field of brain injury rehabilitation. Follow the video link https://vimeo.com/200598382 to see the vocation that brings Justine so much reward.

As a child Justine was always seeking the limelight, fortunately she realised her limited talent and channelled her energy into getting an education and career. As a result she obtained masters degrees in business, health and psychology.

To save confusion and disappointment she is not the ‘Justine Clark’ who appeared on play school. However, over her 20 years as a clinician she has often broken into song to appease seemingly bored child occupants of waiting rooms. Children who have been made to sit waiting during their parents initial psychology therapy consults, brought along, just in case she was that actress/entertainer.

Justine now blames her Irish heritage and teenage boys for not letting her join the family band, instead compelling her to try storytelling. In reality, Justine will admit that she took up bass guitar lessons to explain owning a black cat suit in her 40s, and feels very justified getting an evening gown for her Newcastle flame and storytelling debut.

Justine will be sharing the story of a long weekend to Daydream Island, that may or may not have, contributed to the islands period of somewhat mixed commercial success.