Storyteller Rules

Below are laid out the conditions we have for storytellers:


Our objective is community building and self improvement, of storyteller’s and audience members, through the medium of storytelling.

Reconnecting people, passing on valuable and entertaining experiences through the oral communication.

NOt Accepted

THEREFORE, as a provider of a public platform, in alignment with our objective, we do not accept:

  1. Denigration of any individual person or group
  2. Political / religious bias or promotion
  3. Liberal or Conservative bias
  4. Conspiracy theory
  5. Agenda pushing / pedaling of any of the above


Also, in alignment with our objective and audience feedback, we will not select for:

  1. Vulgar or explicit sexual content
  2. Excessive Swearing
  3. Overall negative story
  4. Stories about drunkenness or intoxication
  5. Casting negative or damaging behaviour in a positive light

This does not mean that 'bad' things can't be in your story, but that we don't support the encouragement of negative behaviours.

WE select for

  1. Clean, polite and respectful language and demeanor
  2. Inspiring, meaningful, humours or adventurous content
  3. Overall positive outcome / message
  4. Storytelling skill