Newcastle Flame 4

Robert Gascoigne

Kate Binnie

Justine Clark

Mel Nicholson

Neil Jameson


Well... once again the theatre was packed to the rafters.

The started the night with a poem. It was very special.

Then Robert got up and blew the audience away with some top shelf storytelling! Such charisma, drama and talent. It is truly hard to believe this man is in his early 80's! The first story was a gem, and the second - very moving. Revisiting the horror's of 17th century England coal mining, the very mine his grandfather worked in as a boy.

Next Kate told her story of home coming, a full loop of running away to create a new identity - a life she was proud of but one that left her deeply unhappy. A return home, despite all manner of obstacles. Sometime we don't see people for who they really are - we place them in pigeon holes - "boxes"... so to speak. The irony of being an advocate for others, but no having an advocate for yourself. This was one heartfelt and truly moving story. Thank you Kate.

We then had the fabulous Justine! What a story. Definitely a natural - Justine told a humorous (in retrospect) story of a blissful retreat-cum-disaster on Day Dream Island! This story touched on so many meaningful topics in a colourful and entertaining way. It was hard to believe this was Justine's debut.

After conversation full an intermission, Mel Nicholson was up.

Mel's story started with a car crash - of dreams shattered, of near death injury and a rush to rebuild a life built on what she thought she needed, but one she hated. A blend of tragedy, triumph and humour, the story has a amazing end. Mel now has even built a business around brain plasticity, coaching and helping people through the same 'brain rewiring' process she forced herself through.

Last up was Neil Jameson. Now retired from a career in writing, Neil told a fantastic tale of an adventure him and mate had in their early years. A surf trip to Northern Spain and Basque Country - the tense political climate with a dictatorship, Basque insurgency, gun runners and drama in the night. Running with the Bull's was meant to be the adventure of the trip, but little did they know what was to come. Tense, colourful, educational, and above all exciting! With some hilarious moments that you just wouldn't believe, and an escape from death that is all true. What a story.