Newcastle Flame 2

Lauryn Rafferty

Anders Ridley-Smith

Ruth Boydel

Sean Kerwin

Andrew Milos

Gary Evans


A blast of a night! The humour, the emotion and the courage was powerful.

We had the privilege of 6 amazing people telling stories ranging from posts going viral to burning buildings!

Starting the night, Lauryn's quick wit was on exhibit with her rather hilarious story about selling her wedding dress! Turned into a rather unexpected saga.

Anders story was surprisingly touching. Starting out with his experience on deployment to the middle-east, you wouldn't believe the chances of what happened when he got home.

If you have a sense of adventure - then you are a kindred spirit to Ruth! Driven by a unquenchable thirst for adventure, she left on a boat to Port Mosby as a kitchen hand with her best friend. What happened next? Go watch her story!

Sean got up to tell his story of chance encounter and long distance love. Not always easy... But does love prevail?

Andrew Milos, the very man who started Newcastle's best comedy / stand up events: Big Dog Comedy. Moving in leaps and bounds, Andrew shared his story about starting out, his uncle and home. It was pretty funny too!

Finishing off the night, we had Gary Evans. Telling full on story about being a young lad looking for a job, starting out as a firefighter and progressing to Station Chief. It isn't all smoothing sailing. This was a very powerful story.