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Newcastle Event – 3RD AUGUST

ANNOUNCING another brilliant event!

Make sure you come ready for an event full of hilarious, inspirational, adventurous and riveting stories!

We have some great storytelling lined up!

Fulfill your curiosity, enjoy some entertainment and come away with a feeling of meaning and human connection.

If an event like this is something you haven’t experienced before… Storytelling is somewhat like stand up, but it’s not all about the laughs. It’s somewhat like a Ted Talk, but it’s not all about learning. It’s a full platter of emotions, meaning and significance and it’s all told from the heart and it’s all genuine.

So Yes, you’ll laugh, and maybe you’ll cry – maybe you’ll be encouraged or feel understood. Maybe you will discover something you never knew… or be inspired by something you never knew was possible! Even maybe, you’ll come to understand someone else.

Each event is real. Its real people sharing real stories. Its varied and interesting and changes every time.

All we can tell you for certain – this is unique and it’s something you want to be a part of!



SATURDAY – 3 August 2019


Royal Exchange Threatre

34 Bolton Street Newcastle 2300


  • 7.00pm Doors open
  • 7.30pm Event Start
  • Half time Intermission
  • 9.30pm Event Finish


REX Theatre

Food and drinks available

Parking and transport location map

The theatre ambience

Get Involved!

Also, we are always on the look out for storytellers. If this is something you would like to be part of – click here to get involved!

If you feel you’re not quite up to it yet, click here to head over to our storyteller education section.

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Look forward to seeing you there, and please make sure to say hello to us! We love to meet our audience and to connect.