Lesson 9: Mic Skills

Speaking with a microphone is a skill!

If you are not used to using one, this is for you.

Storytelling Education - Lesson 9

Microphone Skills

Lesson 9 in this education series will cover everything you will want to know, if you haven’t used a microphone before!

Hello Voice

Look, first off, it’s going to sound strange. No one is used to hearing their own voice! plus its amplified.

It might sound hollow or seem to delay. It will sound different.

Expect it and embrace it. It is all you can do.


Be conscious of the distance between your mouth and the microphone

The microphone only has certain reach. If volume is raised too high, it results in feedback and a high pitched squeal.

Whether you use the stand or hold the microphone, it needs to stay a steady distance from your mouth.

Not keeping a steady distance means that audience will have difficulty hearing you.


In lesson 2, we have introduced aspects of story craft and have covered:

Your voice will sound weird

Expect it. Then it wont be such a surprise.

The more you practice with a video or voice recorder the better.

Filming yourself will be uncomfortable at first but provides the highest level of feedback.

Don't cover your face

Hold the mic below your chin, not infront of your mouth.

When people talk, we look at their mouth to confirm what they are saying - by way of lip reading.

Notice it. Everyone does, but doesn't notice.

Be conscious of distance

Keep that mic a steady distance from your mouth.

If you want to use a stand, you need to stay steady.